Produkte und dienstleistungen

Services and solutions: tailored for you

Our clients have been successful because they look at a challenge, consider the options and develop a strategy that is creative, relevant and effective. They have every right to expect the same of us.

At EFG, we tailor our services and solutions according to your needs and expectations. We are driven by what is important and relevant to you.

This client-centric approach ensures that the products and services we recommend are tailored to meet every client’s personal requirements - be it for investment advice, trust and wealth planning or finding solutions to complex issues.

Each of our clients can depend on their Private Banker, together with the support and advice of our Investment and Wealth Solutions specialists, to create a personal investment strategy that reflects our holistic and truly open-architecture approach to helping you to manage your wealth.

Investment Advisory

  • Active Advisory
  • Strategic Advisory
  • Discretionary Asset Management

Trade Execution

  • Securities Trading
  • Direct Access
  • FX, Equities, Fixed Income Options, Commodities

Structured / Alternative Products

  • Structured products
  • Derivatives
  • Alternative Investments

Investment Funds

  • Long Funds
  • Alternative Funds

Other Services

  • Basic Banking
  • Charge Card